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Lester Franks Merges with Tritech Professional Services

Lester Franks Merges with Tritech Professional Services

In keeping with the philosophies of creative collaboration and simplifying complexity Lester Franks has joined forces with Tritech Professional Services.

Tritech has been providing IT services to Tasmanian businesses for 12 years. In recent years it has developed specialised surveying services, particularly for the mining industry.

Lester Franks is a technological leader in the spatial information industry. Since introducing laser scanning technology to Australia in the early 2000s, it has integrated complex technologies to create simple solutions for clients around the world. Lately it has been scanning cars in Seattle, cathedrals in Brisbane and modelling a whole city centre in Tasmania.

While continuing to provide more traditional surveying and town planning services in five states, over the past few years Lester Franks, which was founded in Devonport Tasmania in 1964, has experienced most of its growth in the high technology areas of 3D spatial and industrial metrology. The acquisition of Tritech is a strategic decision to consolidate and continue that growth trend.

Tritech director, Nathan Green, will take up a senior management role in Lester Franks and become a shareholder. He will be working closely with Lester Franks Managing Director, Malcolm Lester, to implement a significant growth strategy.

"Great opportunities will come from the creative collaboration between Lester Franks' spatial information specialists and Tritech's IT specialists," said Mr Lester. "We already have an extensive R&D program in place, including an exciting virtual reality project with the University of Tasmania. Having Tritech's IT specialists in-house will create an entity with capabilities quite unique in our industry".

‚ÄčThe benefits that come from being part of a larger organisation will also flow to Tritech's impressive suite of IT and surveying clients. Mr Green said, "Tritech's clients should only see improvement in the quality of service now that we have the power of Lester Franks' systems behind us".

The businesses officially came together at the beginning of March.

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